Healthy Living - increase your metabolism to lose weight and fat once and for all. By combining nutrition (food intake, vitamins, and supplements), resistance training, cardio respiratory exercise, and personal assitance you will be on your way to the new you (wieght loss).

Answer is Fitness provides fitness education and weight loss tips for those who are not sure how to get started or need help in reaching their goals. We will educate on the 5 components of fitness so you can build the foundation for life long lasting results.

Fitness Goal, Genetics and lifestyle will Dictate the 5 Components

  1. Food Intake
  2. Cardio respiratory Training
  3. Vitamins and Supplements
  4. Resistance Training
  5. Personal Assistance
  1. Food Intake - Food intake is the amount and type of food an individual consumes. Food is our energy intake (calories) as well as the nutrient intake (vitamins and minerals). The amount and type of food consumed will affect satiety and performance. For a fat loss goal, calories must be below maintenance to create a need to use stored energy (body fat).
  2. Cardio respiratory Training - Cardio respiratory training mobilizes stored fat, increases calorie or energy expenditure, benefits health and aids in or determines performance. Cardio/exercise demands more nutrients; the solution is to provide the body with calorie-free nutrients.
  3. Vitamins and Supplements - Vitamins and Supplements satisfy the level of calorie-free nutrition needed by the body from the addition of exercise, possible calorie restriction, and food preference realities. Food supplementation creates the "ideal environment" to realize optimal health and to hasten results.
  4. Resistance Training - Resistance training creates the need to preserve and/or increase lean muscle tissue and strength, which is vital to long-term health (i.e. improved bone density), movement and the attainment of fitness goals. This can best be accomplished if all nutrients (from food supplements) and calories (from food and/or body fat) are available.
  5. Personal Assistance - Individualizing the four components and making the necessary adjustments can allow anyone to reach their fitness goal(s) in a manner that is most realistic. As an integrated system, a fitness professional can, in time, supply all of the information and tools necessary for an individual to become their own fitness manager.

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