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Yin/Yang Yoga Workshop

Yin Yang Yoga MASaturday October 16th, 2010 (1:00pm – 3:00pm)

Yin yoga is a set of poses to enhance the deep tissue and meridian. Yin yoga postures gently stretch and rehabilitate the connective tissues that form our joints. The yang style is much more about dynamic movement that focuses on strength and building inner heat.

But within Yin there is Yang, and within Yang there is Yin. And by bringing these elements into harmony we can lead more balanced live on and off the mat.

For beginner or anyone who wants to deepen their practice.

$15.00 member / $20.00 non-member
Please email: to reserve a spot now!


15 John L Dietsch Blvd, Attleboro Falls, MA 02763, 888-270-3640

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